Libra Telephone Counselling 


I am aware that face to face counselling is not suitable for everyone. This may be due to health or mobility issues, geography (i.e. the person may not live in Suffolk or be able to travel to Saxmundham) or may be connected to the issue that is bringing them to counselling.  I have undertaken specialist training in delivering counselling over the telephone and I place an emphasis on making this a warm, empathic and relational experience even though we might not be in the same room.  

I believe that it is important to make counselling as accessible as possible. The room that I use in Saxmundham is on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.  


Face to face sessions are never going to be suitable for everyone who wants counselling. Having counselling over the telephone allows people to access support in the comfort of their own homes

For this reason I offer clients the opportunity to have counselling over the telephone subject to an initial £25 telephone consultation/ assessment. Following this consultation the charge for counselling whether face to face or over the telephone is £45 for a 60 minute session. I have undertaken specialist training in order to be able to counsel clients over the telephone.  

It is important if you are considering telephone counselling that you have somewhere quiet and private to be able to make the call and speak without disturbance for the duration of the session so it is worth taking this into consideration when thinking about what day and time you might want to have telephone counselling.